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Job announcement captain supervisor

Job Announcement: Captain/Supervisor 

Western Carteret Interlocal Cooperation Agency / Western Carteret Fire & EMS Department 

Download links for NC State Government Application for Employment (PD-107) 

The Western Carteret Interlocal Cooperation Agency, doing business as the Western Carteret Fire & EMS Department, is accepting applications for the position of Captain/Shift Supervisor, with an EMS certification of either EMT or Paramedic.   

Download and fill out application, print the application and sign it. If you need the continuation page, please fill it out as well. Forward a short resume with your application, copies of all certifications, and a color copy of your driver’s license to the location below. Applications will be accepted beginning 8:00 AM on Thursday June 3, 2021 through 4:30 PM on Friday, July 2, 2021. Your complete application packet and all required documents must be received by this time for you to be eligible. There will be no extensions granted or late applications accepted. 

The application and required documents may be:  

1. Dropped off at the Western Carteret Interlocal Cooperation Agency’s Office, 140 Sherwood Avenue, Cedar Point, NC in the Clerk, Karen Sowers’s office. 

2. Scan and email to Asst. Chief of Fire Operations and Training, Michael Penuel: 

3. or mailed to: Western Carteret Interlocal Cooperation Agency  

c/o Karen Sowers  

Fire & EMS Dept.   

140 Sherwood Avenue   

Cedar Point, NC28584   

Job Title: Fire & EMS Captain/Shift Supervisor (May be either EMT-Basic or Paramedic) 

“Starting/Hiring” Range: 

Captain/Shift Supervisor, EMT-Basic =  $38,921 - $43,000 per yr.   

Captain/Shift Supervisor, EMT-PM = $47,000 - $50,000 per yr. 

Actual starting salary dependent upon EMS and Fire certification level, education, training, and previous supervisory level experience at the time of hire.  

Open Period: 

8:00AM on Thursday, June 3, 2021 through 4:30 PM on Friday, July 2, 2021. Late applications will not be accepted. 

Position Information: 

Full-time - Supervisory 

Duty Locations: 

Fire & EMS Station # 1 at 140 Sherwood Ave., Cedar Point, NC  28584   

Fire & EMS Station # 2 at 141 Morristown Rd., Stella, NC 28582   

Incumbent will be responsible for the supervision of a shift of six to eight personnel at two fire & EMS stations with a Lieutenant/Work Leader assisting, under the daily direction of a Chief Officer.

Who may be considered?  

a. Acurrent United States resident with: 

b. Proof of Graduation from an accredited High School or equivalent. 

c. Possession of a valid NC driver's license, (must obtain class B license within 6 mo. of hiring). 

d. Acurrent North Carolina, IFSAC or Pro-Board Firefighter Level II certification  

e. Current NC State Certified or National Registry Certified EMT-B or EMT-Paramedic 

f. Verifiable experience in a supervisory, crew or work leader position with proven leadership skills is required.    


The ideal candidateshall possess knowledge of: 

The practices, procedures, and equipment used in fighting fires, providing EMS, saving lives, and property. 

Use of the Chain of Command and delegating authority. 

Incident Command System and Incident Management. 

The operation and maintenance of fire and rescue apparatus, tools, and equipment. 

Laws, rules, and regulations which govern the Fire & EMS Services in North Carolina. 

Hazardous and flammable materials. 

Computer use skills. 

Management of programs and processes. 

Verbal and written communications skills   

The Ideal Candidate will have the Ability to: 

To rapidly learn and apply the Mission, Vision, Core Values, Policies, Procedures, SOGs, and Protocols of WCFD & EMS. 

Lead and direct personnel and equipment under stressful emergency conditions effectively. 

Rapidly appraise an emergency situation and initiate an effective course of action. 

Transfer from one ICS position to another quickly and effectively under stressful emergency conditions. 

Maintain discipline and high morale. 

Effectively handle varying amounts of workload and stress. 

Establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees and the public. 

Memorize the names of streets and the location of water mains, fire hydrants, and fire hazards in a fire district. 

Prepare clear concise reports, evaluations, and communications using a computer. 

Effectively train personnel in proper fire and EMS skills, techniques, policies, and guidelines.   

Position Summary: 

On a daily basis, the incumbent shall protect lives and property through activities associated with fire protection/suppression, hazardous materials, emergency medical situations, and other emergencies and participate in training and maintenance activities to achieve that end. The incumbent supervises and directs firefighting and EMS personnel in carrying out the daily job duties/functions of their positions and in the routine activities of daily station life. The incumbent will act as Incident Commander at fire and emergency scenes in the absence of a Chief Officer of WCFD & EMS.  

The incumbent will act as a teacher and instructor of personnel within this department. Providing emergency care at the level in which he/she is certified. The position is located within the Western Carteret Fire and EMS District. 

Distinguishing Features: 

The responsibility for motivating, supervising, training, and evaluating subordinate-level employees is a significant element of this position. Fire & EMS Department Captain-Shift Supervisors are responsible for prioritizing, scheduling, and completing the daily tasks associated with non-emergency response activities such as pre-fire planning, fire and life safety education, and station-based training activities. Incumbents are required to supervise and participate in the care and maintenance of a fire station, apparatus, equipment, and grounds. A Fire & EMS Department Captain-Shift Supervisor must also be skilled in and capable of performing all firefighting duties and perform these duties as necessary.  

Work at fire scenes and other emergencies may involve strenuous physical exertion, often under adverse climatic conditions. In these situations, the employee is exposed and subjected to dangers and hazards that could result in severe injuries. Work at this level differs from that of a Lieutenant/Work or Crew Leader by the ongoing performance of supervisory and administrative work. Supervision is received from a Chief Officer; however, the Fire & EMS Department Captain-Shift Supervisor is still responsible for overall company performance and well-being and must exercise independent judgment.  

Incumbents in the Fire & EMS Department Captain-Shift Supervisor position must remain proficient in the performance of all of the essential duties and functions of the fire & EMS – emergency response positions under their supervision including, but not limited to, pumping, driving, firefighting, and medical response duties.  

The circumstance of Fire & EMS Department Captain-Shift Supervisors, who may be certified as Emergency Medical Technicians supervising medical responders who may have higher level Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic certification, is not new or unique to the Western Carteret Fire & EMS Department.  

Therefore, when EMS calls are dispatched and at EMS scenes where a Paramedic is present and assigned (and the Captain-Shift Supervisor is not a Paramedic), the Fire & EMS Department Captain-Shift Supervisors shall act as a coordinator of needs and requests for a higher medically certified Paramedic and do all he/she can to facilitate those needs and requests.    

The Fire & EMS Department Captain-Shift Supervisor shall often have to command an overall scene, but the Paramedic(s) shall have total autonomous control of all medical aspects of patient care, the needs of the patient, and what resources or help is needed. The Fire & EMS Department Captain-Shift Supervisor asks, “what do you need?” and follows through on the Paramedic’s requests. 

Western Carteret Fire & EMS Department Captain-Shift Supervisors are required to work a 48-hour shift rotation after which there is 96-hour off. This position is FLSA non-exempt.  

Under general supervision of a Chief Officer the incumbent will work in conjunction with the Department’s paid and volunteer personnel while performing the duties described in this document.  

Requires a minimum of the following:  

1. NC State Firefighter II, IFSAC, or Pro-Board Firefighter II Certification 

2. All required NIMS ICS certifications 

3. NC State EMT-B / National Registry EMT-B or Higher Certification  

4. NC State EVOC Certification or equivalent      

Best applicants should have the following qualifications: 

NC State Fire Instructor I Certification or equivalent other state or out of state experience 

NC State Fire Officer I Certification or equivalent other state or out of state experience 

NC State D/O Pumper Certification or equivalent other state or out of state experience 

NC State D/O Aerial Certification or equivalent other state or out of state experience 

NC State Haz-Mat Operations Certification or equivalent other state or out of state experience 

If the incumbent has equivalent other “state or out of state experience” without NC certifications; as a condition of continued employment as a Captain-Shift Supervisor, the incumbent shall complete all of the above North Carolina State programs within two (2) years or (24 months) of official start date in position.   

Due to the nature and responsibility of this supervisory position, ALL applicants, including internal applicants shall be subject to the completion of all the following hiring process steps:   

1.) Written test = Captain’s Exam. Paramedics shall take a “TSOPS” test as well. 

2.) Take an eight station Candidate Physical Agility Test 

3.) Sit before an Officers Hiring Panel for interview. 

4.) Undergo a “BRAINS” (Biographical Risks And INconsistencieS) Psychological Assessment via computer at Fire Department Headquarters through an independent agency. 

5.) Expanded Comprehensive criminal background investigation by an agency resource that specializes in background checks, which shall include: Criminal history, check against the national sexual predator and terrorist records, driving record, military service, education level, and finally references given on application. 

6.) Sit before the Fire & EMS Chief of Department for interview. 

7.) Upon a Chief’s *Conditional Offer of Probationary Full-time Employment you must go through a Physical and Drug Screening, blood, and urinalysis.  

8.) Followed by an appointment to sit before a clinical psychologist for final Psychological Assessment through the same agency providing step #4. 

Upon successful completion of all steps in this process, either a final offer of Full-time employment shall be made or, in the case of not finding the candidate suitable, a “Rescinding of Conditional Offer of Employment” shall be issued. All offers or rescinding of offers of employment shall be made in writing via USPS. All decisions shall be final.   

* A conditional job offer is just that: an offer of employment predicated on the job applicant meeting certain conditions before being given the position with a start date. It is NOT a guarantee of a job with the Western Carteret Interlocal Cooperation Agency dba Western Carteret Fire Department &EMS.   

* To be given a conditional job offer, the candidate must be willing to reside or relocate to within 40 road miles of the Western Carteret Fire Department & EMS district lines.   

* Once the actual full job offer start date is given and assignment is made ALL new member personnel go through a probationary period of 12 months.  

Testing and Interview Dates: 

Approximate dates will be confirmed by July 5, 2021 

Selected Candidate’s written testing – Week of July 19, 2021  

Selected Candidate’s Physical Agilities Test – Week of August 2, 2021  

Selected Candidate’s panel interviews and BRAINS Assessment will be – Week of August 16, 2021 

Selected Candidate’s Chief’s interviews will be – Week of August 30 

Final psychological assessment shall be scheduled as soon as possible following these dates as coordinated with the candidate given a conditional offer of employment. 


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