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Job Announcement 

Firefighter/EMT and Firefighter/Paramedic 

The Chief of Department of the Western Carteret Fire & EMS is accepting applications for the positions of Firefighter/EMT-B and Firefighter/Paramedic. 

WCFD offers full time employees: 

Market Based Competitive Pay & 401K • State Retirement • Health Savings Plan, Medical, Dental, Vision, & Supplemental Health • WCFD is a Growing Department with up to date Apparatus, Equipment • Compensation Incentives & Career Development Plans • Internal & External Training Opportunities 

Application can be found at the below address: 

How to Apply 

Fill it out and sign your application. Feel free to use a continuation page if needed and include it with your application. Application must also include resume, copies of all certifications, and a color copy of your driver’s license. 

Applications will be accepted beginning 8:00 AM on Monday, March 7, 2022, through 4:30 PM on Friday, April 1, 2022. Your complete application packet and all required documents must be received by this time for you to be eligible. Late applications will not be accepted. The application and required documents may be: 

1. Dropped off at the Western Carteret Interlocal Cooperation Agency’s Office, 140 Sherwood Avenue, Cedar Point, NC in the Clerk, Karen Sowers’ office. 

2. Scan and email to Asst. Chief of Fire Operations and Training Michael Penuel: 

3. or mailed to:

Western Carteret Interlocal Cooperation Agency c/o Karen Sowers Fire & EMS Dept.

140 Sherwood Avenue

Cedar Point, NC 28584  

Job Title: Firefighter/EMT-B and Firefighter/Paramedic 

Salary Range: 

Firefighter/EMT-B = $36,594 – $41,402 (Depending on KSAs and years exp.) 

Firefighter/Paramedic = $44,480 - $50,325 (Depending on KSAs and years exp.) 

Duty Location: 

Fire & EMS Station # 1 at 140Sherwood Ave., Cedar Point, NC 28584

Fire & EMS Station # 2 at 141 Morristown Rd., Stella, NC 28582 

Who may be considered?  

a. Current United States resident. 

b. Current North Carolina, IFSAC or Pro-Board Firefighter Level II certification 

c. Current NC State Certified EMT-B through EMT-Paramedic 

Qualifications/ Certifications Required:  

• Requires a valid NC State Driver’s License or ability to obtain by date of hire. 

• Requires a valid NC State EMT-Basic Certification or the ability to obtain by date of hire. 

• Requires a minimum of a NC State, IFSAC, or Pro-Board Fire Fighter II Certification. 

• Requires a minimum of a NC Haz-Mat Awareness Level Certification. 

• Must also have all required NIMS ICS certifications (NIMS 100, 200, 700, & 800). 

Hiring Process 

• Comprehensive Criminal background check. 

• Personal background check including former employers, volunteer organizations, and a social 


• Selected applicants must pass a physical abilities test. 

• Selected EMT applicants must pass a 50-question basic knowledge Firefighter/EMT-Basic exam. 

• Selected PARAMEDIC applicants must pass a 50-question basic knowledge Firefighter exam as well as undergo TSOPS 

• Selected applicants will undergo a hiring interview with the Chief of Department. 

Schedule for required testing and interviews: 

• Applicant’s physical abilities, written test, and Chief Officer’s interviews 

Job Summary:  

The Western Carteret Fire & EMS Department is a Fire & EMS (ALS) provider located in eastern NC and Western Carteret County. 

The Western Carteret Fire and EMS Department is a progressive and busy department. At WCFD we view personnel as our most important resource. Our crews are constantly challenged, working, moving, and staying busy with the work of a fire & EMS department. WCFD is a department that is in a rapidly growing and thriving community. The management and staff of the department are looking for qualified persons with a positive attitude that fit with our current and projected shift make-ups and staff personalities and can be trusted to become true team players. 

An individual hired in either the FF/EMT-B or FF/Paramedic position will work with shift personnel to provide emergency medical care and transport at the level the individual is certified. They will participate in EMS training and maintenance activities necessary to achieve positive outcomes in emergency medical care. Also, they will protect lives and property through activities associated with fire protection/suppression, rescues, hazardous materials, and other emergencies. When scheduled They will participate in training and maintenance activities necessary to achieve effective fire and EMS protection for our citizens. Applicants/candidates hired, will be supervised daily by a shift Captain/Supervisor or Lieutenant-Work/Crew Leader under the direction of a Chief Officer. 

What does the IDEAL CANDIDATE look like? He or she knows and understands the following:  

• The practices, procedures, and equipment used in fighting fires, providing EMS, rescuing victims, and saving property. 

• Following a Chain of Command. 

• The Incident Command System and Incident Management. 

• The operation and maintenance of fire and rescue apparatus, tools, and equipment. 

• Laws, rules, and regulations which govern the Fire &EMS Services. 

• Hazardous and flammable materials. 

• Technology and computer use. 

Key knowledge, skills, and abilities for the ideal candidate:  

• Knowledge of the EMS field and issues related within. 

• Knowledge of the fire protection field and issues related within. 

• Knowledge and abilities in firefighting and rescue procedures. 

• Knowledge of maintenance of EMS and firefighting equipment. 

• Ability to perform heavy manual work under adverse conditions. 

• Ability to deal tactfully and courteously with the public. 

• Ability to deal tactfully and courteously with coworkers. 

• Ability to maintain effective work relations with other employees and volunteers. 

• Ability to follow strict and regimented policies, SOGs, protocols, etc. 


Possible Duties:  

• RESPONDING promptly to EMS dispatches when notified of such. 

• PROVIDING emergency medical care to victims of traumatic injury and sickness as 


• RESPONDING promptly to fire dispatches when notified of such. 

• MAY DRIVE and OPERATE fire apparatus and/or ambulance when appropriate. 

• COMMUNICATES effectively verbally, by means of two-way radio, and face to face. 

• MAY DRIVE fire apparatus and OPERATE pumps and other equipment with firefighting, 

rescue, salvage, and maintenance operations. 

• POSITIONING and CLIMBING ladders to gain access to upper floors of buildings. 

• RESCUEING persons trapped in fires, vehicle accidents, etc. 

• If qualified/certified; ENTER burning buildings and ADVANCING charged and uncharged 

hose lines and APPLYING extinguishing agents to suppress and extinguish fires. 

• SALVAGE and OVERHAUL of property when so needed. 

• PERFORMING any other fire, EMS, or rescue-related duty as necessary to protect the 

public as assigned and directed by the Chief of Department, any Officer, or delegated authority.



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